Frequently Asked Questions: Logging Activity, Food and Sleep Data
Can I add custom food items to the nutrition log?
Posted on 16 October 2015 07:19 PM

The Kiqplan nutrition database is very extensive and features food items from around the world, items are searchable by name and can be saved as "favourites" so that you will be able to log them more easily in the future. Additionally if you use any recipes featured in the Kiqplan app you will find that adding them to the nutrition log is very easy to do. In the event that you are not able to find your chosen food item in the nutrition database we would recommend choosing a similar item as Kiqplan does presently feature the option of adding custom items. 

Example : Let's say you're unable to locate your favourite brand of pizza from a local Italian restaurant, we recommend using a comparable pizza brand. Simply search for pizza and choose the item from the long list of pizza options in the database that best matches the meal you had.