Frequently Asked Questions: Orb Activity Tracker
I am not able to pair my Orb to Kiqplan
Posted on 21 April 2017 12:15 PM

Before troubleshooting this issue, firstly please make sure that:

- You have internet connection.

- Your Bluetooth is activated.

- “Location” services are activated (Android devices only)

- You have a strong and reliable internet signal.


If you are not able to pair the Orb to Kiqplan, or if you are seeing an error message, please try the following steps:

- Close the Kiqplan app.

- Re-activate your bluetooth on your mobile device.

- Open the app.

- Attempt at pairing the Orb again.

You can also learn how to pair your Orb in this video.

If you are still not able to upload steps, please contact our support team here.

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